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Kerry Sawyer breaks up marriages and likes being in limelight

AliasesName: KERRY ANN SAWYERFirst Seen: 06/08/2016Last Seen: 07/04/2020Name: KERRY ANN JACKSFirst Seen: 12/01/2006Last Seen: 06/01/2020Name: KERRY ANN STACYFirst Seen: 09/19/2013Last Seen: 05/02/2019Name: KERRY PAGEFirst Seen: 02/01/2015Last Seen: 12/01/2016Name: KERRY ANN PAGEFirst Seen: 12/05/2005Last Seen: 12/01/2016Name: KERRY ANN SUMNERFirst Seen: 06/01/1991Last Seen: 04/01/2012Name: KIMBERLY ANN SUMNERFirst Seen: 06/01/1992Last Seen: 10/05/2008Name: KERRY ANN MARQUIEFirst Seen: 11/01/1996Last Seen: 04/23/2008Contact D
These are all her aliases she has used. She files dirt on her ex, trying to put all the blame on them. She is a narcissistic person. Though she served time in jail for fraud and lying she still manages to turn on the water works to get people especially men to believe her lies. She thinks she is beautiful and can look decent if she puts her hair pieces in but she is a weather ugly person both inside and out. She has had so many men you might want to look for diseases if you have been with her. She likes weed and alcohol. One of her aliases was Marquie which she claimed raped her and she bore his child and because the child had health issues she gave to her parents to raise so she would be able to party. She takes delight in this child’s accomplishments but it was her parents accomplishments not hers. She had had two more children one out of wedlock and one when she married Page. She has no custody of any of her children because is unfit. When she does have her children she dresses them as sluts in her image. She lied about colleges, sororities, and cheerleader positions. The only accounting she did was to steal money from tenants at an apartment complex she managed. But she is proud of bragging how she made more money than any husband she had.. duh from stealing or prostitution. She is nothing more than a whole for hire. She loves to hid cameras and get her husband’s in compromising positions and uses those tampered pictures for blackmail. She real LMK y should be put away for the rest of her life in jail because she does nothing but destroys families and their children. She will show those compromising pictures to her husband’s family members some as young as 7 to destroy trust. Who wants to see their dads penis AT 7? She is corrupt. You can check her Prison record in the state of Indiana

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